HDPE Coil Pipe

Our company is proud to offer high-quality HDPE Coil Pipe, a versatile and durable solution for various applications. Made from high-density polyethylene, our coil pipes are known for their exceptional strength, corrosion resistance, and flexibility. With a seamless coil design, they are easy to transport, handle, and install. Our HDPE Coil Pipes are suitable for a wide range of uses, including water distribution, irrigation, and industrial applications. They are designed to withstand harsh environmental conditions and provide long-lasting performance. Trust our HDPE Coil Pipe to deliver reliable and cost-effective solutions for your piping needs.

Sl no Size Category Color Thickness – Min Length – Min
1 0.75″ HDPE Coil Pipe Green/Blue/Black 2.2 Per Rft
2 1″ HDPE Coil Pipe Green/Blue/Black 2.3 Per Rft
3 1.25″ HDPE Coil Pipe Green/Blue/Black 2.4 Per Rft
4 1.5″ HDPE Coil Pipe Green/Blue/Black 2.5 Per Rft
5 2″ HDPE Coil Pipe Green/Blue/Black 2.8 Per Rft
6 0.75″ HDPE(WASA) Coil Green/Blue/Black 3.5 Per Rft
7 1″ HDPE(WASA) Coil Pipe Green/Blue/Black 3.7 Per Rft