uPVC BS Class Pipes

Lead-Free uPVC Piping for Potable Water

  • The highest number of approvals NSF, UPC-1, and BIS
  • Pipes & Fittings both are ISI Certified
  • A Green product, certified by GRIHA
  • Meticulously formulated indigenous CPVC compound
  • Widest product range
  • State-of-the-art manufacturing plants
Class-B Class-C Class-D Class-E Class-O
10.00″ BS pipe 6.6mm 6m Gray 10.00″ BS pipe 9.7mm- 6m gray 10.00″ BS pipe 12.8m- 6m gray 10.00″ BS pipe 15.7mm- 6m gray 20″ Bs Pipe Gray
12.0″ Gray-6m 12.0″ Gray-6m 1.50″ BS pipe 2.5mm 15ft- Gray/Offwhite 2.00″ BS pipe 3.9mm 15ft- Gray 22″ BS Pipe 6m Gray
16.00″ BS Pipe 16.00″ BS pipe 14.5mm 6m Gray 2.00″ BS pipe 3.1mm 15ft- Gray 3.00″ BS pipe 5.7mm- 6m Gray 24″ BS Gray-6m
18″ Bs Pipe Gray 6m 18″ BS Pipe Gray 6m 3.00″ BS pipe 4.6mm- 6m Gray 4.00″ BS pipe 7.3mm 6m gray
3.00″ BS pipe 2.9mm 6m-Gray 2.00″ BS pipe 2.5mm 15ft- Gray 4.00″ BS pipe 6.0mm- 6m ( DPHE) 5.00″ BS pipe 9.0mm- 3m gray
4.00″ BS pipe 3.4mm 6m-Gray 3.00″ BS pipe 3.5mm- 6m Gray 4.00″ BS pipe 6.0mm- 6m Gray
5.00″ BS pipe 3.8mm 6m-Gray 4.00″ BS pipe 4.5mm 6m Gray 5.00″ BS pipe 7.3mm- 6m gray
5.00″ BS pipe 5.5mm- 6m gray